UDA MP Blames US for Rise of Terrorist Attacks in Kenya

UDA MP Blames US for Terror Attacks in Kenya: Calls for Caution in Dealing with Somalia

by Francis Ogoti
1 minutes read

UDA MP Blames US After Goons Kill 5 in Night Raid, Wajir North Member of Parliament (MP) Ibrahim Abdi Saney accused the United States of being partly responsible for the recent increase in terrorist attacks in Kenya.

 Speaking during an interview with K24, the MP criticized the US for not listing the militant group Al Shabaab as a terrorist organization immediately after they were suspected of killing five people in Salama Village, Lamu County.

 He questioned why the US was not taking stronger action against Al Shabaab and urged caution in dealing with Somalia, emphasizing its role as a significant trade partner for Kenya.

It is worth noting that the information provided is limited to the context of the news article and does not offer a broader perspective on the situation. Further analysis or additional sources would be required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the incident, the UDA MP’s claims, and any potential implications.

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