Seth Panyako Declares Intention to Stay Away from Political Parties After UDA Resignation

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

Seth Panyako has expressed his intention to distance himself from any political group after his official resignation from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

During an interview on Spice FM, Panyako criticized political parties, referring to them as deceptive, and stated his reluctance to be associated with them after stepping down as UDA vice chairman.

He announced the establishment of a new movement called the Partyless People’s Movement, emphasizing its aim of not aligning with any political party.

Panyako criticized UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala for disputing his resignation, claiming that he was never an official member of UDA.

Panyako’s resignation from UDA came after he took a stand against the housing levy proposed by the Kenyan government and the high cost of living. He mentioned discussing his position with President William Ruto, who determined that it conflicted with party ideologies.

However, Malala responded quickly, stating that Panyako had never held an official position within UDA and provided a list of the party’s leadership structure.

Panyako argued that Malala’s response stemmed from a lack of understanding about the party’s leadership structure, clarifying that UDA does not have a vice chairman but instead has three deputy vice chairmen, three deputy secretary generals, three deputy treasurers, and secretaries for different departments.

Panyako explained that all leaders are currently serving on an interim basis until the party’s national elections in August.

Regarding his resignation from his role as Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Nurses, Panyako stated that he intended to resign on Monday but postponed it due to the claims made by Malala and supported by ICT CAS Dennis Itumbi. He is now seeking clarification from the Registrar of Political Parties before submitting his resignation on Friday.

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