Saied to tax the wealthy in Tunisia to evade the IMF

In order to prevent the country from receiving a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), whose "diktats" he rejects, Tunisia's President Kais Saied advocated the introduction of new taxes targeted at the richest people on Thursday.

by Francis Ogoti
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The President, Saied, said that the way the government gives extra money to buy necessary things like food and water helps all Tunisians, even those who are rich. He said this when he met with the new head of government, Najla Bouden. This information comes from an official statement from the president’s office.

He thought it would be a good idea to take some money from the rich and give it to the poor. He said it was something a leader in Islam named Omar Ibn Al-Khattab used to believe.

The person suggested that instead of stopping financial help for people, the government could make those who don’t need the help pay extra taxes. They think this would help the government stay independent and not do what other countries tell them to do.

In April, Mr. Saied refused to follow the conditions set by the IMF for giving Tunisia a loan. The conditions were about making changes to the economy and stopping some government subsidies.

On Thursday, he talked about introducing new taxes in a country where taxes are automatically taken out of employees’ pay. However, many people working for private companies don’t tell the government how much money they make. He didn’t explain how these new taxes would be enforced.

Tunisia owes a lot of money – around 80% of everything they earn. They asked the IMF for almost 2 billion dollars to help them get out of their money troubles. The IMF agreed to loan them the money in October.

People are talking about improving Tunisia’s public companies, but they can’t agree because the country hasn’t promised to make changes and stop giving money to certain products. The companies owe a lot of money.

There is a shortage of basic food because of a big problem with money and the government. This problem started when President Saied took over. This is causing a lot of problems and worry.

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