ODM Members Defy Party Position on Finance Bill 2023:

Consequences Await as Internal Divisions Surface

by Ruth Mwali
3 minutes read

Consequences Await as Internal Divisions Surface


The passing of the Finance Bill 2023 in Kenya has brought about significant repercussions within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party. The bill has sparked a heated debate among party members, with some supporting it and others opposing it. This article will delve into the ODM members who voted in favor of the bill, explore the consequences they face within the party, and provide a larger context to understand the significance of this event.

ODM Members Who Voted Yes and Abstained:

During the voting on the second reading of the Finance Bill 2023, a number of ODM members defied the party’s position and either voted in favor of the bill or abstained from voting. Notable members among those who voted yes were John Mbadi, the immediate former chairman, Otiende Amollo from Rarieda constituency, and Babu Owino from Embakasi East constituency. These members disregarded the party’s stance and aligned themselves with a different perspective on the bill.

Consequences for ODM Members:

The ODM party, under the leadership of Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna, has taken a firm stance against its members who voted in favor of the Finance Bill 2023. The party has summoned the 28 members who were absent during the vote or supported the bill, demanding an explanation for their actions within 48 hours. This move by the party reflects its intention to discipline these members for deviating from the party’s official position.

The summoning of these members indicates that ODM considers their actions as a defiance of the party’s authority and a breach of party discipline. The consequences they may face could range from reprimands and warnings to more severe disciplinary actions, such as suspension or expulsion from the party. The final decision on the consequences will be determined by the ODM party leadership based on the explanations provided by the summoned members.

Larger Context and Significance:

The Finance Bill 2023 has been a subject of intense debate and controversy in Kenya. The bill proposes various taxation measures, including a controversial three percent housing levy and other proposals that have garnered widespread criticism. The ODM party has taken a strong position against the bill, advocating for its total rejection. The party believes that the bill contains provisions that are detrimental to the interests of Kenyan workers and the general population.

The actions of the ODM members who voted yes or abstained from voting on the Finance Bill 2023 have wider implications within the party and the political landscape. It reflects the existence of internal divisions and dissenting voices within ODM regarding the party’s stance on critical issues. These divisions can impact the party’s cohesion and its ability to present a united front on matters of national importance.

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