Nakuru Town West experiencing high tension as gangs terrorize residents.

There was a reshuffle of police officers in Nakuru Town West due to an increase in criminal activity.

by Ruth Mwali
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There was a reshuffle of police officers in Nakuru Town West due to an increase in criminal activity.

Police in Nakuru Town West among them the Officer Commanding Rhonda Police Station have been reshuffled taking after heightens criminal group exercises that have cleared out inhabitants scared.

Nakuru District Commissioner, Loyford Kibaara said more than five criminal groups within the region have been locks in in competition battles that have spilt into the communities in Shabab, Sewage, Pondamali, Stima-line, Mwariki, Mauki, Grogon and Jasho regions among others.

He said the upsurge in violations that incorporate sunshine muggings, grabbing and knife-stabbing has been on the rise over the past month including that the security organs will not mitigate such conduct.

“There was pressure in a few parts of Nakuru Town West on Monday evening when two criminal packs clashed but the adolescents did not as it were battle their rivals, they begun assaulting individuals haphazardly, taking from them and cutting some,” he said.

Kibaara said three individuals have so far been murdered within the clashes and numerous individuals harmed within the heightens by the packs.

A tour of the influenced ranges has uncovered that pressure is still tall within the influenced regions with businesses closing as early as 6:30 pm and inhabitants being inside by 7:00 pm.

The inhabitants appear to have a self-imposed time limitation a circumstance that compelled Kibaara and the Nakuru Province Police Commander, Zachary Kimani to console inhabitants of their security.

“A segment of the individuals have taken advantage of the circumstance to spread fake news on affirmed murders of individuals of the communities but the three passings that have been affirmed are those of group members,” he said.

Kibaara said the inhabitants felt that police were colluding with the packs which required the prompt exchange of Rhonda OCS with quick impact.

“Police officers who have been serving the range for long periods will moreover be exchanged since it is obvious from the declarations that they have condoned the gangs,” he said,

He moreover communicated his dissatisfaction saying that a security officer had captured 300 pack individuals within the past two weeks but they were all discharged in court with tolerant punishments of as moo as Sh1000 whereas others were given community benefit for discipline.

Kimani said Rhonda Police Station will be beneath his command indeed as he pitches camp in Nakuru Town West to guarantee commonality returns.

He said the groups which begun in Nakuru Town East appear to have moved to the West after the environment in their previous bases got to be inhabitable for them.

Criminal packs in Nakuru begun with one broadly alluded to as Affirm and has since fragmented into more than 12 packs and spread to three sub-counties.

The groups have been threatening inhabitants and some of the time lock in in group battles that have cleared out 10s of young people dead.

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