Murkomen Reveals Warning He Gave Cabinet Colleagues After Ruto Surprise Firing

Transport Cabinet Secretary Calls Emergency Meeting to Avert Impending Danger

by Francis Ogoti
1 minutes read

In a surprising turn of events, President Ruto fired Health Principal Secretary Josephine Mburu, catching everyone off guard. In response, Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen, sprang into action, convening an emergency meeting with his colleagues in the Transport docket to address the situation and avoid potential threats.

During the meeting, Murkomen sternly warned his colleagues about the consequences of turning a blind eye to corruption and mismanagement within the sector. He stressed that failure to seal all loopholes and tackle corrupt practices could result in severe consequences, including job terminations.

The warning didn’t stop at the Transport docket; Murkomen extended it to his friends within the Cabinet, alerting them to the President’s hardline stance on corruption and urging them to stamp their authority in their respective ministries.

In light of Ruto’s no-nonsense approach to dealing with corruption and inefficiencies, Murkomen emphasized the need for accountability and transparency, with a clear message that those who don’t heed the warning may face the same fate as the recently dismissed officials.

This bold move by Murkomen has sparked discussions among Kenyans, with many applauding his efforts to address corruption head-on and urging other government officials to prioritize public service over political gamesmanship. The call for a clean, effective, and accountable government resonates strongly with citizens longing for meaningful change.

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