Half a Million Condoms Provided at Naivasha Safari Rally

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

At the World Rally Championships in Naivasha, about 500,000 condoms will be available for Safari Rally enthusiasts. This measure is taken to promote safe sex and ensure that those who may engage in sexual activities do so in a safe manner. The condoms are sourced from partners and sponsors of the King of Condoms drive, which aims to educate people about safe sex practices, demonstrate proper condom use, and distribute condoms to those in need.

The availability of such a large number of condoms is a precautionary measure considering the influx of visitors expected during the international event. It is worth noting that there have been challenges in condom importation due to high taxation. The tough economic times have also led to an increase in condom prices, with some retailing between Sh1,000 and Sh1,500.

The distribution of condoms during the Safari Rally is aimed at addressing the shortage that has been experienced in Naivasha due to the increased number of visitors, including sex workers. The freely distributed government condoms have run out, and efforts have been made to buy and distribute condoms to meet the high demand. Stanley Ngara, known as the ‘King of Condom,’ has been actively involved in educating people about safe sex practices and distributing condoms to different groups, including sex workers, boda boda riders, university students, market traders, and drug users. The King of Condom has also emphasized the need for individuals to purchase condoms to protect themselves.

Overall, the availability of 500,000 condoms for the Safari Rally weekend in Naivasha is a proactive step to promote safe sex practices during the event. The initiative aims to address the condom shortage and ensure that individuals have access to and knowledge about proper condom use.

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