Food costs have started to decline-President Ruto

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

Following this year’s anticipated record harvest, President William Ruto has reassured Kenyans that food prices have started to fall.
Speaking to people of Kiambu on Thursday, President Ruto voiced assurance that the strategic objectives put out by his administration at the tail end of last year and early this year will eventually result in lower food costs.

In support of his claim that farmers had excelled themselves and raised food production, he noted the fertilizer subsidy that caused prices to drop from Ksh. 7000 to Ksh. 2500, the torrential rains experienced in various regions of the nation, and the addition of 200,000 acres of cultivable land this year.

“I would want to thank our farmers, kwanza mwaka huu, kwa sababu ya mipango tuliyoweka. “Mpango wa kwanza ulikua ni maombi, wa pili ilikua nikuhakikisha tunapunguza bei ya mbolea- kutoka 7000 up to 2500 and we are distributing to all our farmers,” he said.

Wamelima ekali 200,000 mpya, wakulima wamelima kuzidi mwaka uliopita, wa sababu Mungu alitubariki na mvua mwaka huu.

The head of state claims that this year’s anticipated total production of 61 million bags, up from the 44 million bags gathered in 2022, will directly impact the nation’s supply of food.

“I want to tell Kenyans that we harvested 40 million bags of grain last year despite farmers’ inability to pay for pricey fertilizers. We anticipate increasing from 44 million bags to 61 million bags in this year as a result of lower fertilizer prices, he said.

As a result, the president disclosed that his administration was trying to boost the country’s fertilizer distribution from the present level of 3.5 million bags to 6.5 million by the end of the following year.

This will permanently end hunger in the nation, he stressed.

We have been able to distribute 3.5 million bags, and our goal is to distribute 6.5 million bags next year. We also want to add another 3 million bags because we want to end hunger in our nation, he said.

“We have been able to distribute 3.5 million bags; our goal is to distribute 6.5 million bags next year; we want to add another 3 million bags because we want to end hunger in this nation,” he stated.

“It is a great tragedy that people are still going to bed hungry 60 years after our country’s independence. It requires a decisive response from us.

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